5 Quick Self-Care & Energy Shifting Tips

  1. Journal: You can start off with 3-5 or more things you are grateful, what do you like about yourself, and everyday life experiences (start first thing in the morning or at night before bed). Journaling has always been a challenge for me until now. I have so many journals with general and personal notes, notes for work meetings, old goals I forget to revisit, and just stuff! However, I am focusing on being more intentional in my life. You should join this journey with me!
  2. Take A Break: Detox from devices: TV, cellphones, computers etc. Set a timer for a tech-free time (this can also be used for children as well), Since the Pandemic, the use of mobile devices have increased; change your phone settings to turn the back light setting, turn phone off or do not disturb.
  3. Pray & Meditate: Relax your mind, body, and spirit. Focus on your passions and desires as it pertains to your personal life or business. Focus on your loved ones and others that genuinely love you. I love prayer and meditation. To me, it's about centering yourself, becoming grounded in the present moment from within.
  4. Daily Exercise: You can start off with 15-30 minutes of walking, High Intensity
    Intervals Training (HIIT), yoga or your exercise of choice. Get the circulation moving in your body, as exercise increases your energy level. Try finding a workout partners and/or fitness groups, or incorporate fitness or wellness days with your family.
  5. Read/Listen to Audiobooks: Find books, articles, literature that speaks directly to you. Incorporate inspirational and motivating books to your library. You can also purchase audiobooks or even listen to your favorite podcast. Since having children, I have transitioned to audiobooks and podcasts. It is so much easier than taking the chance of getting interrupted and tapped out of the zone!

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