5 Reasons Why You Should Yoni/V-Steam

Want to know how to keep your lady parts so fresh and so clean, clean? Hey ladies! Our vaginal health is extremely important. The vagina is a sacred place where all human life is developed in. The vagina itself is a very unique part of our body and needs lots of TLC.

5 Reasons Why You Should Yoni/V-Steam

Wait, do you even know what a Yoni/V-Steam is? Let me briefly explain what it is before I get into why you should do it.

Yoni is a term deriving from the Sanskrit language simply meaning "womb" and relates to other parts of the female reproductive system as well. Okay, now that we know what a "Yoni" is, we can get into why you should add a little herbal steam to it!

1. Maintains Healthy pH Balance

The body needs 80% alkaline and 20% acid. Having a healthy pH balance helps keep the vaginal flora infection-free! However, if your pH is off-balance then your lady parts are more prone to infections such as yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and sexually transmitted infections (STI).

2. Postpartum Treatment Recovery

During my postpartum with both of my children, I can honestly say that Yoni/V-Steaming was Ahh-mazing!!! This is a time to focus on your healing and the repair of your body after childbirth. We have recently launched our own Vaginal Steam treatment product, Organic Herbal Sitz which includes all natural organic herbs that are healing, soothing, and repairing. Doing this self-care practice of Yoni/V-Steaming, can support with speeding your recovery process during your postpartum journey.

3. Reduces Dark Red and Brown Blood

There are various colors of blood during the onset and end of the your menstrual cycle. Dark blood can appear in the beginning or the end of your period, which means that there was access blood that needed to be released from the uterus. Brown blood may be visible in the beginning or end of your period and this is a sign of access blood or a sign of early pregnancy.

4. Treats Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids form when the veins begin to swell due to the strain to release bowel movement. Constipation can occur during pregnancy and can become very uncomfortable, however unfortunately it is unsafe to Yoni/V-Steam while pregnant. In addition, straining and pushing during labor can also cause hemorrhoids. After childbirth, healing your body is important and this is a great time to safely practice Yoni/V-Steam.

5. Reduces Uterine Conditions

Utilizing healing herbs that help reduce uterine conditions such as fibroids, ovarian cysts, and endometriosis, may become life changing for women that are having challenges with heavy periods, infertility, painful cramping during your period.

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