Malawi's House Basic Essentials Birth Kit: The Akoma Birth Kit

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The Akoma Kit includes essentials for birthing, labor, and postpartum support. It's also a great gift for a mommy that is preparing for a natural home birth or postpartum healing after a hospital birth. Create memories with this box and fill with your baby's items as a keepsake.

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+Beautifully designed signature box with an affirmation "Birth Life Fearlessly" on the sides.

+ 10 Underpads (Chux)

+ Peri Bottle 8oz

+ Bulb Syringe 3oz

+ Umbilical Cord Clamp

+ Plastic Backing Sheet

+ Two Mesh Panties

+ Maternity Pads (12 pads per pack)

+ Perineal Cold Pack

+ 10 Gauze Sponges

+ 2 Straws

+ Affirmation Cards

+ Breastfeeding Facts & Tips Coloring Book by Loyal Lactation

+ Baby Hat

+ Hair Ties