Water Birth Tub Liner for Birth Pools

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This liner will cover all of the following pools.

+ AquaDoula

+ La Bassine

+ La Bassine Maxi

+ *Birth Pool in A Box Mini

+ *Birth Pool in A Box Regular

* If you are using this liner with a La Bassine Pool or Birth Pool in a Box MINI size be advised that there will be a fair amount of excess plastic due to the wide variety of pools this liner is made to accommodate. 

* Birth Pool in a Box does not recommend using any generic liner on their Birth Pools – it will not give a secure, tight, custom fit and may not be watertight, undermining the integrity of the Birth Pool in a Box system. To ensure the highest quality water birth experience, Birth Pool in a Box recommends you order the Regular or Mini custom Birth Pool in a Box Liner. 

+ Made of food grade plastic

+ Polyethylene Liner.  Contains no phthalates, lead, cadmium or latex.

+ 4 ml thick

+ Double sealed seams prevents leaks

+ Latex free

+ Dimensions: 115" x 80"

This liner fits baggier than a custom fit liner.  Once water is added to pool the additional plastic is less noticeable.  This is not a custom liner and will not fit any of these pools with the tight, custom fit you would achieve with a custom liner.