Melanoid Breastmilk: The First Building Blocks To A Strong Family Foundation & Community

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About The Author

As a breastfeeding counselor, wife, and mother of five children, Ariane La’Nea Randolph understands the importance of breastfeeding in strengthening bonds within the Black community. 

Randolph is an environmental scientist with a master’s degree from Florida A&M University. She lives on the Historic Eastside of Jacksonville, Florida, where she works as an entrepreneur, cares for her family, and promotes a plant based  lifestyle.

As Ariane La’Nea Randolph discusses in this new parenting guide, breastfeeding isn’t just a choice you should make for your child but one you should make for your community. This unique exploration of the connection between breastfeeding, family, and community bonds was inspired by Randolph’s many years as a breastfeeding mother and breastfeeding counselor. The Melanoid Breastmilk Revolution is about to begin! Are you ready? 

In Melanoid Breastmilk, Randolph encourages Black parents to form a Melanoid Family and use breastfeeding to strengthen these bonds. She incorporates both scientific and cultural studies into a discussion about the many benefits of breastfeeding and its complicated history within the Black community. She also discusses the realities of breastfeeding and some of the most common challenges. Randolph’s work is meant to encourage you and support you as you make this decision as a family. She knows that it can be a choice that will entirely change your lives!

About The Book

In this insightful new discussion of motherhood, family bonding, and the Black community, Ariane La’Nea Randolph shows how one simple parenting choice can have a profound effect on your child, family, and neighborhood. 


Through her work with the public health department and her own experiences as a wife and mother of five breastfed children, Randolph began understanding the importance of the Black families' lengthening the amount of time they breastfeed their children. She advocates for at least three years of breastfeeding, which can lead to surprising positive consequences for the Black community. 


While Randolph has discovered numerous benefits through her own Melanoid Breastmilk Journey, she understands that each families' and woman’s experience will be different. To help you through your own journey, Randolph addresses common questions about breastfeeding and the best ways to stay motivated. 


Randolph discusses


  • the many benefits of breastfeeding,
  • the concepts of food justice and food security,
  • the foods you should avoid while breastfeeding,
  • the dangers of food allergies in children,
  • the role of Melanin in breastmilk, and
  • the connection between Melanin and Empowerment!



Whether you are a first-time parents or experienced Mamas and Babas, or apart of the supportive Family and Tribe, Melanoid Breastmilk will open your mind to new possibilities and a new way of thinking!


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