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Who are we

Malawi’s House is a family owned birthing supply business established in 2016. We are located in Atlanta, GA. We provide Birth Kits & Supplies, and Postpartum Care Essentials. Our Signature Birth Kit boxes are packaged with patience, love, and care. We honor the true sacredness and traditions of birthing and take pride in empowering mothers and their families to Birth Life Fearlessly. We are passionate about natural birthing and postpartum care.

Our Signature Birth Kit Boxes!

We designed our beautiful Birth Kit boxes with the entire birth work community and mamas in mind. If you are working with a Midwifery Service to support you in your birthing journey, they will guide you to the birthing supplies and essentials you’ll need to support you and your baby. You also have the option to purchase our pre-made basic essentials birth kit, the Akoma Birth Kit or customize your own birth kit.

Midwife Birth Kits

Akoma Birth Kit

Customize Your Birth Kit

Donate A Birth Kit!

Yes, we accept donations of any amount! The biggest part is that we give back by donating a birth kit to a family.

Donate a birth kit