BabyGo® Birth Ball


The UK's No.1 Birthing Ball

Join the thousands of women who are combatting sore hips, sciatica, PGP and SPD with our Birthing Ball. Don’t let pregnancy pains hold you back, try our simple ways to make a positive difference and stay on the go.

Tried and tested to hold weight up to 1000kg (a baby elephant), meaning we are 5x stronger than a standard gym ball.

Our dedicated 100 Page Pregnancy Book helps guide you through each trimester and even into your postpartum journey, with over 40 trimester specific exercises and nutrition guidance.

Box Contents

1x BABYGO® Birthing Ball

1x BABYGO® Pregnancy Book

1x Foot Pump

1x Tape Measure

2x Ball Plug

Available in 65cm and 75cm.

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