About us


Our first homebirth experience with our daughter, Maya Malawi was absolutely everything for me and my family! The feeling after having a non-medicated homebirth was so liberating and life changing. Inner strength from our ancestors appeared! As a family, we were able to experience the birthing journey on another level. We unexpectedly had a Lotus Birth, which was so amazing to see and experience, and I went cold turkey with transitioning my diet with more alkaline meals. Many ask me,"where did the vision of starting Malawi's House come from?" Honestly, in 2016 during my amazing postpartum treatment with my Midwife a clear vision came to me to provide birthing supplies and find ways that will educate and empower the community about natural and homebirth. Although each birth is different; it's powerful, healing, and a sacred journey/experience. We had our second homebirth in 2018 and gave birth to another beautiful baby girl, Sanai Nairobi. This time around we were able to have a water birth and it was such a beautiful serene moment. What I have noticed about both of our birthing experiences is that we were determined to have a homebirth and in contrast, I was more intentional with myself and the entire birthing journey during our second pregnancy. 

I love sharing our birth stories with other families and expecting mothers that desire to exercise their right to birth naturally at home, and encourage them they too can have this experience as well. After giving birth to Sanai, I started to hear more stories about Black women dying from having a hospital birth and experiencing pregnancy and childbirth related complications at 3 to 5 times more likely than White women. Then later discovered that Black infants are dying 2 times more per 1,000 live births. Knowing this information drove me towards becoming an advocate for homebirths and natural birthing experiences. I took it a step further and finally answered the call to birthwork and became a Holistic Doula.